Hosted Guests

TecHomeX will host 200 California industry leaders, including:


Core Benefits

Take advantage of complimentary hosting benefits valued at more than $1,000 including two nights at the 4-star Westin Long Beach, full event registration to the TecHomeX Executive Program, delicious food and beverage provided throughout the event. Your out of pocket expenses are virtually nil.  

classroomLEARN side-by-side with peers, trade partners and business allies, what the major trends and industry drivers are and how you can take advantage of them to grow your business.
users-communicationCONNECT in a structured education and networking program with your peers from other top California companies plus potential trade allies and business partners from throughout the TecHome industry ecosystem.
MEET one-on-one with vendors in a high-quality, scheduled format and in small group presentations. Vendors know who you are and what your interests are.
SOCIALIZE AND BOND with peers and partners as you participate in a budding local industry community, focused on delivering the latest and greatest in home technology.

Connect in high quality, planned and scheduled meetings in high touch boardroom presentations with vendors that know who you are and what your interests are. Sponsoring companies will represent a broad cross-section of fast-growing products and services, including:

  • Electronics/home automation/security/AV
  • Smart lighting and electrical systems
  • Smart HVAC/IAQ
  • Kitchen, bath and laundry tech
  • Smart water/advanced plumbing and irrigation
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