Guaranteed VIP Sales Engagements

TecHomeX unites leaders in residential design/build and tech integrators/contractors to discuss advances in home technology. Unlike trade shows where contacts are superficial, random, and often unqualified, TecHomeX has scheduled and guaranteed engagements with 150 influential industry leaders seeking new partnerships and home technologies. Our guests are projected to generate more than $25 billion in annual revenue and build, design, or work on more than 75,000 homes! Learn more about the benefits of sponsoring TecHomeX by watching our video.

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Select Your Targets

TecHomeX is a unique hosted style event that works with sponsors and guests to create the optimal sales meeting. Our team of highly trained individuals work with you step by step to help set your goals, plan engagements, review guest profiles, and measure results. When you sponsor TecHomeX, you can pick-and-choose the number and type of engagements your company wants among 150 VIP level decision makers. As a sponsor, you can meet with guests through a variety of ways including:

Boardroom Presentations

Present in-depth information to a minimum of 10 guests and encourage them to partner with your company.

General Session Presentations

Present to all guests to increase awareness of your brand or understanding of a new technology.

Exhibition Hall Leisure Time

Bacem Moussa (second from right) says he likes the size and scope of TecHomeX East.

Connect with guests you are not scheduled to meet and go-deeper with guests you’ve already engaged with to solidify next steps.

One-on-One Meetings

Uncover critical business needs and present a flyover of the relevant benefits of your product to close next steps in the journey toward partnering with your company.


Download the TecHomeX 2018 Full Guest List & Statistics

Year after year, guests keep coming back to TecHomeX because of the meaningful engagements and successful partnerships they make at the event. Find out valuable information regarding guests who attended last year and targets for this year with our 2018 Full Guest List & Statistics. Pour over valuable data such as:

  • All Confirmed Guests from 2018
  • Average Annual and Aggregate Revenue
  • Number of Commerical and Residential Installations
  • And Much More!

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Download Our 2018 Full Guest List & Statistics