App Updates Make for a Better Home Monitoring Experience

New features include video clip sharing, zooming capabilities and improved notifications.

For homeowners, making their home safe and secure provides a peace of mind, especially while they are away. has made it even easier for homeowners to monitor their home no matter where they are.

The app offers interactive security, video monitoring, energy management and home automation solutions for its users with a compatible system and interactive service plan. It allows subscribers to see what’s happening at their property, arm or disarm their security panel, watch live and recorded clips from their security cameras, turn on and off lights and lock and unlock doors.

The app’s features also go beyond just the security aspects of the home. It also can be used to set the ideal temperature of the home, find out if there is flooding or a water leak and learn when the kids get home from school.

Now, with the latest app updates, the list of those advantages is growing.

Sharing Video Clips is making it easy to share video clips recorded from a homeowner’s system. Through the tap of a button, the user can send a chosen clip through message, email or social media. It’s a feature that could be useful for communication between family members, but could prove even more valuable for anyone who needs to get a clip to police quickly.

Zooming Capabilities

Security cameras with wide-angle shots are great surveillance tools for large areas, but the ability to focus on a specific spot of the image is sometimes more important. With this latest update, iOS and Android users can use the app to do just that. All they need to do is pull up a live video feed and use their fingertips to zoom in to the part of the image they want to more clearly see.

Distinct Notifications

The app update is helping users differentiate its notifications. Instead of hearing the same default sound as many of the other alerts on a user’s phone, when someone rings the doorbell at the home, the subscriber will hear a special doorbell chime alert. Now, there will be no mistaking a visitor notification from something like an email alert.