Amazon, Apple and Google: Friends or Foes to TecHome Building and Integration

At TecHomeX East, some of the Northeast’s top builders and integrators discussed the opportunities and threats presented by the biggest players in the TecHome space.

Amazon, Apple and Google are the largest and most recognizable names in the tech space, and each is trying to establish itself as a smart home leader. In the Amazon, Apple and Google: Friends or Foes to TecHome Building and Integration session, TecHome industry leaders dissected the roles of each.

Riding on the wave of strong consumer interest in voice control and leveraging their ubiquitous consumer brands, Amazon, Apple and Google are becoming major players in the home technology space. The question for builders, integration companies and hundreds of manufacturers who’ve been slogging it out on the front lines of home tech for more than three decades is: Are they friends or foes? On the one hand their sexy user interfaces and marketing muscle are driving consumer awareness and adoption. On the other hand, their tendencies toward market disruption and industry sector destruction are scary as heck. We’ll debate the pros and cons with industry experts in this very timely and nearly essential panel.

Speakers included AE Ventures president John Galante, Connected Home Advisory CEO Jim Carroll, Sawyers Control Systems owner Tom Callahan, TBI Smart Home Solutions president Felicia Ratka and AV Design president Brad Smith.

Watch the video of their riveting discussion as the TecHome industry tries to determine how to best understand the roles of each of these players.