Architecture and Design Firm is Reshaping California Skylines

Carrier Johnson + Culture is taking residential building to the next level. 

With space increasingly at a premium in urban locations, architects and designers are having to become more creative in how to maximize the impact of each project.

In Southern California, Carrier Johnson + Culture is doing just that. The firm is incorporating large residential developments with other uses, including retail, to make them more desirable.

We’re seeing a compression occur,” says Kyle Peterson, Carrier Johnson + Culture’s Los Angeles office director. “Our lives are becoming more urban. So, the more uses we can incorporate onto the same site creates a more dynamic project, more interesting and a lot of times results in more value to our clients.” 

Ballpark Village 

The 37-story tower will be the centerpiece of Ballpark Village.
The 37-story tower will be the centerpiece of Ballpark Village.

In San Diego, Carrier Johnson + Culture is playing a major role in a development that will reshape downtown. Ballpark Village is located on 7.1 acres next to PETCO Park, the home of the Padres.

The area includes more than 3.2 million square feet of mixed-use development, including a 37-story tower featuring 711 residential units, which will include tech options.

“We’re working with very sophisticated developers – Greystar and Lennar – who always seek to incorporate the latest trends in home automation and other technology into the units to keep up with consumer trends and as a way of providing the very best offering in the marketplace,” says Peterson.

The 3.5 acre first phase of the project, Parcel C, includes three blocks, each inspired by a unique aspect of the East Village community. Construction is expected to be completed in 2018.

7th & Market 

Two towers are connected as part of the unique design of 7th and Market.
Two towers are connected as part of the unique design of 7th and Market.

The $400 million 7th & Market development in San Diego will enhance the emerging fabric of East Village with a landmark tower combining residential, retail, parking, and office spaces.

The 500-foot main tower includes the market rate apartments. A 16-story office building on the site is connected to the main tower by a Ritz-Carlton hotel, creating a unique building resembling a chair.

“That’s an exciting project for us because it incorporates so many different uses on the same site into one project,” says Peterson. “This project has condo, hotel, market rate apartments, office, affordable housing, public parking, private parking and Whole foods all in the same project. It’s a very complex and urban project and likely will be one of the largest buildings in San Diego County when it’s completed, certainly a game-changer for downtown San Diego.”

High-End Luxury 

520 West Ash was designed to preserve the views of San Diego Bay.
520 West Ash was designed to preserve the views of San Diego Bay.

Carrier Johnson + Culture is also developing two more high-end luxury apartment buildings in San Diego – one in East Village and one in Little Italy – that are changing the traditional concept of how a residential building should be designed.

“One thing that’s unique with these two projects is a different approach to where the amenities are located,” says Peterson. ”In both of these projects, the lobby of the building is on the roof. So, a prospective tenant walks in and takes the elevator up to the roof before they actually see a leasing agent.

460 16th Street will add vibrancy to East Village.
460 16th Street will add vibrancy to East Village.

“The leasing office is actually on the roof of the building, along with the pool and other amenities. That’s a new trend we are seeing. We haven’t seen a lot of rooftop pools on high-rise residential towers, but we’re currently building two of them.”

The 520 West Ash 24-story tower in Little Italy was designed to “look around” or over a nearby commercial tower blocking the views of San Diego Bay. So, the Carrier Johnson + Culture team emphasized “sky life” by concentrating amenities on the penthouse level.

The 21-story tower at 460 16th Street will include 368 apartments and about 19,000 square feet of commercial space. Its rustic design will add vibrancy to the streets of the East Village.

Shoreline Tower 

Carrier Johnson + Culture is also in the process of developing the Shoreline Tower in Long Beach. Located at Ocean Boulevard and Alamito Avenue, the 37-story building is slated to become the highest residential tower in the city.

It will include 315 units and a five-level below-grade parking structure. There would also be several thousand square feet of retail space.

The entitlement process for this tower has been more than 10 years, and it still must go through the design and construction phases.