At TecHomeX East, Nice Guys Finish First

The Vertical Cable team closed a deal while still at the event because of their personable approach.

Sometimes, all it takes to close a sale is a good personality. That’s what Vertical Cable discovered at the inaugural TecHomeX East.

The team of national sales director Joe Moore and regional sales representative Ed Desrosiers went to Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Conn. looking to meet with the event’s 49 integrator guests and showing them their company’s offerings of low voltage cables, connectivity products and accessories.

Ideally, Moore and Desrosiers were hoping they could leave the event with some quality leads, though they knew the hosted guest format would be a bit different than the typical tradeshows they are accustomed to.

Campochiaro (center) listens to the Vertical Cable boardroom presentation.
Campochiaro (center) listens to the Vertical Cable boardroom presentation.

“Usually you walk away with some leads, then you have to follow up,” says Moore. “Maybe you see 100 or 150 people and get two or three leads. We didn’t see as many people here, but I think it’s quality versus quantity and the quality was much better.”

They recognized that early and had the results to back it up before TecHomeX East even wrapped.

During the second day of the event, Maximum Sound & Security owner Ralph Campochiaro was in the Vertical Cable boardroom presentation. As it happened, he was working on a project for which he needed 20,000-40,000 feet of CAT6 Plenum in different colors. Campochiaro came away impressed, not only by Vertical Cable’s products, but by Moore and Desrosiers themselves.

“I just liked the guys,” he explains. “They were no-nonsense. I had them in the boardroom, they went over their parts, what they offered, how I could get anything. I talked to them on Wednesday night and told them what I needed. They came back to me by the next morning with a price. So, with the quick turnaround and the fact they were great guys, I decided I wanted to work with them.”

“We were talking about where he got his product from and price points, things like that,” recalls Moore. “We were able to work our price back through the distributor and say, ‘this is what we need to get for him,’ and I think he said he ended up saving about $20 a box. So, it worked out well for him. It worked out well for us. We got a new customer and our distributor got a new customer. Everybody should be happy.”

Moore delivers his boardroom presentation.
Moore delivers his boardroom presentation.

Moore believes Campochiaro will not be the only TecHomeX East guest he makes happy. He says he is very pleased with the conversations he had over the course of his two days of meetings, and he is confident his strategy of a boardroom presentation followed by one-on-one meetings laid the groundwork for developing fruitful relationships.

The boardroom allowed him to provide the initial information about the company and its offerings, so in the following one-on-one meetings he and Desrosiers could dive deeper into the sales process. As the event concluded, the Vertical Cable team came away with many quality leads they could hand off to regional distributors or follow up with on their own.

Prior to the event, Moore was skeptical that the format would lead to this level of success. But, after understanding the guaranteed meetings are designed to create those outcomes, he now is already looking forward to next year’s event, as well as the potential of this year’s Total Tech Summit in Pittsburgh.

“I came to this thing thinking of my old days of going to timeshare presentations where you have to sit through the 90-minutes, then say, ‘leave me alone,’” Moore says. “But, I was very surprised. We did the boardroom presentation. Everyone was very attentive and interested. We got a lot of feedback from it, and everybody that came to the booth seemed genuinely interested in what we were offering. I think we’ve got a lot of good leads. We’ve already got one order coming for one of our distributors. So, it actually worked out to be one of the best shows I’ve ever been to.”