Axius to Help Builders Implement Smart Home Technology

The company will show TecHomeX East guests how they can benefit from offering their clients home tech options and eliminate the problems of servicing and managing those devices post-move-in.

For homebuilders who are intrigued by the prospect of offering smart home technology, but are concerned about navigating the confusing waters of what to include and how to service it, there are solutions. Builders can find those answers at TecHomeX East.

Axius will be there to explain to builders that smart home technology does not need to create headaches for them, but instead will provide value for them and their buyers. Whether it’s a single-family builder looking to provide energy savings for consumers or a multifamily builder looking at hardware savings from smart locks, the company offers a wide range of ways to benefit from the use of tech.

“TecHomeX connects us with forward-thinking homebuilders, so we can show how simple and beneficial it can be to implement smart home technology,” explains Axius business development director Andrea Bottone. “We can address these pain points builders face trying to deliver the value of home automation to a homeowner or resident without their ISP even set up yet.”

The Axius team works with custom, multifamily and high-volume builders to develop customized packages depending on what their needs are. Bottone says the format of TecHomeX East will allow them to properly understand their wants and explain how a connected home package is a win-win for the consumer and for the builder. It also will be a great opportunity for the company to expand its reach in the region beyond just the Washington, D.C. area.

Bottone has experience with an AE Ventures hosted event, with Axius having sponsored the 2017 TecHome Builder Summit. There, she delivered a general session sponsorship presentation to a group of 50 multifamily builders and had an additional boardroom presentation with HiVol builders.

She says those introductions to the builders made many of them stop by the Axius booth to learn more about the company’s solutions. After finding the value of the TecHome Builder Summit was validated, Axius signed on to TecHomeX East, and is adding 25 one-on-one meetings with both high-volume and multifamily builders to go along with a HiVol boardroom presentation.

The smaller group and individual discussions afforded at TecHomeX East are a great opportunity for the Axius team to speak directly with the builders who can benefit from learning more about the advantages tech can offer their clients.

Andrea Bottone delivers a boardroom presentation at the 2017 TecHome Builder Summit.
Andrea Bottone delivers a boardroom presentation at the 2017 TecHome Builder Summit.

“When some builders think smart homes, they’re thinking about hardware partners, but they really need that next step,” explains Bottone. “They know what they want to offer it, but how does it work? How does it fit in with their current team and price points? What devices should they offer? Would they all work well together?

“The other side is, when they decide that, how do they make it work? There’s a lot of training. And, after you offer all this great technology, you don’t want to have a homeowner who is not satisfied due to lack of support. That is avoidable with Axius.”

Bottone says one of the biggest advantages for her company’s partners is on the technology support side, both for their internal teams and residents. She says customer service traditionally isn’t a top concern for builders when discussing technology and the smart home, but it actually can present huge cost savings.

“The biggest thing is that it’s not that difficult or expensive to offer a smart home package,” she says. “The builders generally like that we can help them find a couple products that easily fit into their process and that they don’t have to hire people for their team or figure out how their on-site teams are going to field questions.”

TecHomeX East guests will be able to learn more about Axius at the event from May 8-10 at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Conn.