Blend Interior Design with Quality Audio by Hiding Sound Sources

High-quality audio doesn’t have to come at the cost of unsightly speakers.

Audio systems are becoming necessary requirements for many homebuyers. They often want something that will be able to either match the interior design of their space or be kept out of sight.

There was a time when fulfilling that request was much more difficult. However, thanks to innovations in audio technology, a good speaker doesn’t even have to look like one anymore.

Here are some of the “hidden” home speaker options you can use to impress your homebuyers.

Powerful Audio Meets Modern Design

The Phantom by Devialet produces powerful sound in a sleek design.
The Phantom by Devialet produces powerful sound in a sleek design.

TecHomeX sponsor Devialet’s wireless Phantom speaker packs a major punch with a sleek design that can fit with any modern décor.

It boasts 4,500 watts of power with no distortion, saturation or background noise.

It can wirelessly play music from any device, including smartphones, computers and televisions.

The speaker is designed to be set on a shelf, mounted to a wall or placed on one of Devialet’s elegant stands. There is also a Gold Phantom with a 22-carat rose gold-plated finish for those looking for even more style.

Hide Outdoor Speakers in Plain Sight

Russound's rock speakers can blend in perfectly in an outdoor setting.
Russound’s rock speakers can blend in perfectly in an outdoor setting.

For clients who like to entertain outdoors, TecHomeX sponsor Russound offers a series of speakers designed to fit seamlessly into outdoor settings, including patios, pools, porches, decks and backyards.

The eight-inch, two-way OutBack Rock Speaker comes in three colors: gray granite, sandstone and weathered granite.

The three-layer fiberglass and resin construction results in an acoustically better speaker with low resonance for better sound.

The durable and waterproof enclosure allows the speakers to withstand even the harshest weather and last for years.

Illuminate a Room with Light and Sound

Sengled's LED lightbulbs also house hidden speakers.
Sengled’s LED lightbulbs also house hidden speakers.

Sengled manufactures two lightbulbs that house a speaker – the Solo and the Pulse.

The Solo bulb has a pair of three-watt JBL speakers inside that combine with a 50-watt LED light. Each bulb is controlled independently through an iOS or Android device.

For multi-bulb connectivity, Sengled also offers the Pulse that features 13-watt JBL speakers and a 600 lumen LED light. The Pulse mobile app can control light dimming, sound volume and audio equalizer modes while linking up to eight speaker bulbs.

Each Pulse or Solo bulb can be easily installed and managed for superior audio and light quality.

Make the Speaker a Centerpiece

The LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker from Sony can be made a centerpiece anywhere.
The LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker from Sony can be made a centerpiece anywhere.

TecHomeX sponsor Sony Electronics sells a versatile speaker that can be taken anywhere and is designed to be a focal point.

The LSPX-S1 Glass Sound Speaker mimics a candle or lantern and plays crystal-clear audio in every direction. The warm LED filament can be dimmed to set the perfect mood.

The subtle design allows it to be placed anywhere and harmonize with any interior. Additionally, with few inputs and buttons, the device conceals where the sound is actually coming from.

Wires also aren’t a problem, as each speaker can run up to four hours on a battery.

Using Sony’s LDAC technology, the speakers can emit audio at a higher quality level than Bluetooth. Two speakers can also be synced up for an enhanced listening experience.

Transform Art into an Audio Masterpiece

Artistic pieces from Soundwall are actually speakers.
Artistic pieces from Soundwall are actually speakers.

Soundwall is combining art and music in a revolutionary way.

The company uses the surface of specially-crafted aluminum art to produce warm, uniform sound throughout a room. Soundwall is a new sound technology that uses Distributed Mode Loading (DML).

Homeowners can choose from a wide selection of different styles of art–from standard offerings to customizable design.

Music can be streamed easily through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Multiple pieces can be combined to create a surround sound experience, and configurable LED lighting can also highlight the visual aspects of the art.