Connecticut Luxury Builder to Continue Tech Education at TecHomeX East

After experiencing the benefits of the TecHome Builder Summit, Richard Rosano is looking forward to learning from others in the Northeast.

Richard Rosano, managing director of RRBuilders, has attended the TecHome Builder Summit each of the last two years as a way to stay current on technology and understand where it is headed. He says those two events have taught him about things like full home automation and artificial intelligence that allow him to better serve his clients.

He long has understood the need to offer his buyers tech options, and it’s important for him to keep up with the trends of the industry.

RRBuilders managing director RIchard Rosano
RRBuilders managing director Richard Rosano

“I’ve always embraced it from when I started 17 years ago,” says Rosano. “With our clientele and building custom homes, it’s important for them, and I like to stay on top of it in order to continually offer the latest and greatest proven technology. I like to know what to spec and what to offer with architects to our mutual clients. It’s important and is a big part of how they interact with their home.”

Currently, nearly all his clients want to control most of their house with apps on a handheld device. Smart HVAC features, audio/video options and security systems, including camera surveillance, are popular with his buyers, who live in the lucrative markets of Fairfield County, Conn. and Westchester County, N.Y. An expansion to Southern Florida also is in the works

Rosano’s homes can range from 5,000 to 20,000 square feet, and their value can run from a few million dollars to more than $20 million. With price tags that high, their owners want them to be technologically intensive, so he takes steps to ensure they get what they want.

“We’ll engage with the client, bring our system integrators in and spend time with the architects and designers on the projects and collaboratively work together,” he explains. “We want to know what the client is trying to solve on their end and how they want to use the house.”

This RRBuilders‘ New Canaan, Conn. award-winning home was featured in Outdoor Living.
RRBuilders built this award-winning home in New Canaan, Conn.

Rosano believes TecHomeX East can be another piece to his home tech puzzle. Not only is he looking forward to learning from the general sessions and vendor meetings, but from other guests as well.

One of the things he found most beneficial from his experiences at the TecHome Builder Summits was connecting with industry peers. While that event brings together other top builders from around the country, TecHomeX East will create new opportunities to connect and engage. This will feature architects, builders, designers, integrators and contractors all from the Northeast, which will provide an environment for developing relationships.

“I think it’s another opportunity to network with some more local resources,” he says. “Networking with some of the other sources has been valuable, even if they’re not local. I think it’s good seeing what people are doing in different markets, too. But, making relationships with other local firms is something of interest. It’s all helpful.”