Digital Watchdog Mobile Apps are Now More Secure and Integrated

The updates include enhanced security measures through Touch ID login and audio streaming capabilities.

Digital Watchdog’s latest mobile app updates take aim at better security measures and audio streaming. The digital recorder, surveillance camera and related management software company’s DW Mobile and DW Mobile Pro apps now support Touch ID login and will receive camera audio from any VMAX IP Plus NVR.

With Apple’s recent updates and improvements to its Touch ID identification system, Digital Watchdog’s iOS apps now seamlessly allow users to access their account using their fingerprint as password and access verification. This advancement is in line with Digital Watchdog’s commitment to deliver video security with an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

The app update also allows users to instantaneously hear events as they are developing, in addition to seeing high-resolution, real-time video. The app now supports incoming audio from cameras being managed by VMAX IP Plus NVRs. Users can enable this option through the menu in the app interface and selecting the appropriate channel.

“Digital Watchdog is driven by the commitment to make high-definition video surveillance easy to manage and safe to access,” says Digital Watchdog marketing director Mark Espenschied. “The DW Mobile apps provide a convenient, unified mobile management solution for all your video surveillance systems in one interface.”

The Digital Watchdog updates will be automatically rolled out to all supported devices on which the app is already installed.