First-Time Sponsors Bring Increased Variety to TecHomeX California

When TecHomeX California begins on March 19, guests will be meeting with more than 70 vendor companies representing the best of home technology options. Among those companies will be many that are sponsoring the event for the first time.

Here are some of the new vendors guests can expect to see in Pasadena.


Axius simplifies the process of managing a smart home from delivery to security and support. Builders and property managers benefit from a dedicated partner and customized support program for project implementation and homeowner satisfaction. The combination of hardware, software and best-in-class IT support offer a personalized, remote service solution for “smart” homeowners across all their connected devices. The result is a successful smart home with the best products selected, devices connected and network protected.

Blue Planet Energy

Blue Planet Energy offers the safest, most powerful energy storage product that provides the lowest lifetime cost of ownership. The Blue Ion battery system is elegant, easy to install and can power the total energy needs for off-grid living. Powered by ferrous phosphate, Blue Ion is guaranteed to deliver a higher-quality, longer-lasting solution with more than 20 years of daily use at 100 percent depth of discharge.

Elemental LED

Elemental LED, founded in 2008, is a leading engineering and technology company headquartered in Reno, Nev. that manufactures an extensive high-quality portfolio of lighting, power supplies and controls. Elemental LED is proud to be America’s largest provider of low voltage linear LED lighting, inspiring lighting professionals with its innovative technology, unmatched quality0 and best-in-class customer experience.


Insteon is a home automation (domotics) technology that enables light switches, lights, thermostats, leak sensors, remote controls, motion sensors and other electrically powered devices to interoperate through power lines, radio frequency (RF) communications or both. It employs a dual-mesh networking topology in which all devices are peers and each device independently transmits, receives and repeats messages. Like other home automation systems, it has been associated with the Internet of Things.


Mivatek provides two leading owner-managed and video-verified smart premises’ systems – “HomeGuard” and “CommunityGuard.” Mobile-cloud manages network video, intrusion, safety and aging in place smart devices to collaborate with authorized mobile-recipients for video-verified protection, peace of mind, and comforting service in one app. The award winning collaborative managed protection system is expandable, easy to install, easy to use, reliable and affordable for the homeowner, builder and system integrator.


Oelo is dedicated to bringing sustainable, beautiful and unique illumination to homes and businesses across North America. Our line of permanently installed color-changing LED holiday lighting offers configurable settings and unlimited color hues and color combinations. Celebrate every holiday, sporting event, cause and occasion with one lighting system by Oelo.

To see the complete list of sponsors at this year’s event, click here.