Generac Power Systems to Offer Builders Reliable Backup Power Supply Options

The first-time TecHomeX California sponsor will be bringing its industry-leading generators to Pasadena looking to increase its market share in the state.

California consistently leads the U.S. in the number of power outages per year. In nearly every metric, including severe weather, traffic accidents and human error, the state tops the list. As such, it is a prime location for residents and businesses to have backup power options.

So, with the hope of increasing its footprint in the state, Generac will be bringing its solutions to TecHomeX California for the first time in 2018. The company touts a six-fold market share in the residential space over its nearest competitor. Leaders say it’s because of the forward-thinking approach the company takes with its products.

“Our dealers like the overall service platform that Generac has,” says Andy Kacyon, the company’s national account manager in the builder division. “They find our units easier to install and service, and they’re very supportive of our continued innovation. We don’t look to follow anybody. We look to create new products, new designs and new technologies to continue to push our market share forward.”

At TecHomeX California, Kacyon plans to show off some of those new improvements in technologies and efficiencies. Among those developments in the works is the process of converting Generac’s units from a mobile link notification to one using Wi-Fi.

By highlighting advancements like these, he hopes to be able to connect with decision-makers from the state’s leading builders and change their perception of how generators should be marketed and included in homes.

Generac's GP Series portable generator offers affordable reliability and features not usually found on basic portable models.
Generac’s GP Series portable generator offers affordable reliability and features not usually found on basic portable models.

“We’re unique in that we’re in a smaller percentage of the homes today,” Kacyon says. “This is totally referenced as an add-on item, and it requires a very robust education process to the builder. I think more and more consumers are aware of it today. My job is to educate and get the builder to adopt the idea of including it as standard at some point in time, but we certainly can offer it as an option today.”

Kacyon believes TecHomeX California provides an efficient forum in which he can grow the company’s brand awareness in the state. He says the Greater Los Angeles area has been very good for the business, but there certainly is room to grow in other regions.

“I need to find the best aggregate points for access to as many clients as I can, so that’s initially what drew my interest,” he says. “We’ll have the opportunity to meet with x amount of builders one-on-one. And, they are decision-makers. That’s very important for me to be able to get that many access points in such a short period of time. It would take me a lot longer to do so on a one-by-one basis if I had to travel to all the markets that these people are coming in from.”