Integrator Ready to Make New Connections at TecHomeX East, Even With Competitors

Massachusetts integrator Luis Rodriguez enjoyed meeting with fellow integrators at the 2017 CE Pro Summit, including his competitors, and he’s looking to do it again at TecHomeX East.

Among the highlights of the AE Ventures hosted style events is the ability to easily network with fellow guests and manufacturers. The format is such that it encourages interactions and making new connections.

For integrator Luis Rodriguez, that is what made his first CE Pro Summit most worthwhile, and why he is so looking forward to attending TecHomeX East.

Rodriguez is the vice president of WOW Media in Massachusetts, a six-year-old integration firm that works largely with mid-to-high-end clients. As a company that still is relatively young, Rodriguez consistently is looking for opportunities to learn and grow.

He found that at the CE Pro Summit, where guests were more than willing to share tips and tricks they use themselves. It’s taking advantage of opportunities like these that has helped WOW Media thrive in its early years.

WOW Media
WOW Media

“People ask us how we’re able to be so successful,” Rodriguez says. “Well, we admit we don’t know everything. We’re always learning, and we accept our competition. We don’t look at it as they’re taking business away from us. We look at that competition and think the better they are, the better we are. That’s because more people will be open to home automation.”

The way Rodriguez sees it, it doesn’t make sense to want his competitors to falter. If they do, their customers may blame the products and sour on tech as a whole, eliminating business for that customer and any others they tell about their negative experience.

Whereas, if that customer has a positive experience with a competitor, it could lead to others becoming interested in adding automation of their own. And those new people could turn into Rodriguez’s customers. So, it’s actually in his best interest to want his rivals to succeed.

At the 2017 CE Pro Summit, he found himself in a group with one of those market competitors. So, rather than avoid the situation, he embraced it.

“We love competition and the local competitor in our group has been in business four times longer than we have,” Rodriguez explains. “We told them what we’re doing in our neck of the woods, they told us what they’re doing in their neck of the woods. With the competition, I need to make sure things in my company are in line with theirs.”

That is something he hopes to do more of at the inaugural TecHomeX East, too. As a regional event, there will be many more integrators who do work in Massachusetts. And, he’s ready to meet with all of them.

But, Rodriguez also looks forward to meeting the guests from other trades who will be in attendance, as well. He recognizes this as an opportunity to strengthen relationships with them when it comes to tech, even if it’s something as simple as installing Wi-Fi.

“I’m hoping to find out what, as integrators, we can do to help them with their business,” he says. “You see a lot of builders and architects who are leery about what we do. So, I want to tell them I’m here to help make them look good.”