Investments in TecHomeX Deliver Promising Leads

After sponsoring TecHomeX California, Primex followed it up by participating in TecHomeX East, and is continuing to find benefits.

Among the sponsor benefits of the TecHomeX format is the ability to connect with leaders from businesses in multiple trades all in one place. For companies with products that can reach across those trade lines, it presents an excellent opportunity to capitalize on investment dollars.

For Primex representatives, they have realized that at multiple TecHomeX events.

Primex is a molder of plastic injection products with a specialization in lightweight plastic Wi-Fi compatible enclosures that help meet the demand for blazingly fast video streaming and interactive communications systems.

Because the company has markets with service providers, builders and integrators, the wide-reaching scope of the TecHomeX guest base allows for a much more effective forum than other trade-specific events.

“We’ve been meeting with both builders and integrators,” says Primex Northeast regional sales manager Mike Wolski. “We do a lot of MDU work with the telcos and cable companies. Now we’re expanding into the builder world and we’re looking to get into some of the integrators who place our product and get them in the Wi-Fi transparency mode to get plastics into their buildings.”

Wolski was able to make the connections he was looking for at TecHomeX California in March and doubled down on the format by following it up at TecHomeX East. Because the company has that enclosure line that has been geared toward the cable companies, but now is also being shifted toward the builder/integrator world, that was a large focus for him at the event.

He was able to effectively use the one-on-one meetings to explain the uses and benefits of the products. He says the guest bios provided to all sponsors were extremely helpful in finding interesting personal details that helped him break the ice in his meetings.

“The one-on-ones were very strong,” he sasys. “The way you have it structured has been excellent. We get to see a lot of people, and it’s been a great event for us. We have had some good leads here that we’re going to be following up with.”

Thanks to the success at both events, Primex is looking forward to returning to the TecHomeX format next year.