Just Add Power to Add Powerful Dealers to Its Network at TecHomeX East

The HDMI over IP products leader, and veteran of the Total Tech Summit, wants to leave a lasting impression with integrators in the Northeast.

In 2009, Just Add Power first introduced its HDIP solution for distributing HDMI over IP networks. Since then, the company has strived to set the standard for products in that market and has become a reliable source for such devices, and it will be showcasing those solutions to integrators at TecHomeX East.

The company has found success at several Total Tech Summits in one-on-one meetings and boardroom presentations, which sales manager Taft Stricklin says provide the necessary face-to-face time to demonstrate its solutions and answer integrators’ questions. So, when he has that same opportunity this May, he will be showcasing options like the 4K over IP product, which is Just Add Power’s award-winning 4K tiling device, allowing the user to watch multiple images on a single screen.

Just Add Power sales manager Taft Stricklin (right) enjoyed the 2016 Total Tech Summit.
Just Add Power sales manager Taft Stricklin (right) enjoyed the 2016 Total Tech Summit.

“Now that the AV over IP thing has really become more mainstream, we have a lot of people coming to us going, ‘I don’t want to beta test a product for other people, you’ve been doing this for a decade,’’ explains Stricklin. “Or, ‘I’ve tried another AV over IP and I’ve had all these issues.’ It’s fun to go through and cross all these things off the list and say, ‘this is how we address all of these things.’”

One of the things Just Add Power prides itself on is that its products are designed to last and evolve. Customers that bought its original 1G HDIP solution in 2009 can still purchase new 1G transmitters and receivers to upgrade and maintain their system.

Stricklin and his team have highlighted solutions like these during their meetings at the Total Tech Summits they have attended because the integrators there have always responded positively to the flexibility and tech evolution they offer.

“We actually build our own products in the U.S., so we’ve got a 10-year proven track record of everything being forward and backward compatible, so you’re not just throwing stuff in the trash,” Stricklin says. “So, when something new comes up, it works with your old stuff and your old stuff gets updated.

“The biggest thing now is to show how we progress the technology. It’s fun to have an integrator walk up and say, ‘I asked for this feature last year and you’ve added it. It’s awesome, and we’ve included it in a project. Thank you so much.’ That’s one of the fun parts of doing this.”

The Just Add Power booth at the 2017 Total Tech Summit featured a Volkswagen bus.
The Just Add Power booth at the 2017 Total Tech Summit featured a Volkswagen bus.

Fun is something that Stricklin and Just Add Power have become known for in their years attending the Total Tech Summit. In addition to wanting to get in front of the integrators there and educate them on the company’s solutions, they want to make their experience memorable. That won’t be any different at TecHomeX East.

“We’ll be doing some out-of-the-box, non-traditional things on some displays that will make people turn their heads sideways and say, ‘that’s really cool,’” Stricklin explains. “We’ve taken video distribution beyond the video wall and beyond their traditional screen, and we’ll be showing some really cool solutions beyond what a traditional monitor or TV can do.

“At the last Total Tech Summit in Orlando, we had a Volkswagen bus in our booth and people asked us why. We said, ‘because we could.’ We had the space and we like to have a good time. If you’re not having fun, you’re just not doing it right.”