TecHomeX Guest Integrates Custom Project to Clients’ Every Desire

Complementing the Pacific Ocean and mountain views outside, these homeowners also desired an incredible visual experience within their house’s interior, especially when it came to the custom home theater. Global Wave Integration delivered on the promise of this experience, and then some.

However, there were also the visual components of the home’s overall aesthetic, and a flat-panel display would certainly clutter up the interior design. Therefore, a hidden installation proved to be the best solution. An automated door in the ceiling conceals the entire 90-inch screen and sound bar. Meanwhile, another automated door conceals the projector. Everything is hidden and only comes out when the homeowners are ready for action.

Here are just some of the features and equipment used within the home:

  • Crestron AMS Surround Sound Processor, HP-RFGW High Power RF Gateway, DSLP Low Profile Docking Station, TPS-6X Touch Screen;
  • Digital Projection Highlite Cine-260 1080P Projector, MD-DM32X32 Matrix Switcher;
  • Oppo BDP-93 Blu-ray Player; DirecTV HR-24 HD DVR;
  • QSC CX302 Subwoofer Amplifier;
  • James Loudspeaker SPL618LCR LCR Speaker Bar, 1200PT1 12 Inch Power Pipe Subwoofer;
  • Panamax M4320-PRO Power Conditioners;
  • Apple AppleTVs;
  • Screen Research MS2IS721782WBU Motorized 72” Screen;
  • Sonance architectural Z8R in-ceiling speakers

Kyle Steele, president of Global Wave Integration, provided TecHomeX with a video of this extremely innovative project. Take a look!