Lutron Leads the Way in Lighting Control

Lutron demonstrates its smart home value at TecHomeX

Today’s homebuyers are no longer content to rely on antiquated devices to control their homes. They want technology that makes their lives easier.

Lighting control is among the most desired home tech options for buyers, and Lutron Electronics has become a trusted leader in automated lighting and shading control.

“Lutron looks at the opportunity to replace the 100-year-old on/off switch, which is a very non-value-oriented device in a home, to a smarter, more valuable and controllable connected home ready dimmer or smart on/off device ,” says David Weinstein, Lutron’s vice president of residential sales. “At the other end of the spectrum is controlling daylight. We believe that, instead of having hard to reach string shades and pull shades, ultra-quiet and precise low-voltage wired or battery-powered automated shades will further increase adoption for the smart, connected home experience.”

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At TecHomeX, Weinstein and the Lutron team showed off how their company is continuing to change the landscape of home lighting control decades after the company invented the first rotary dimmer.

Innovations That Make Sense

When Joel Spira founded Lutron in 1961, he developed five business principles that still guide the company today – take care of the customer with superior goods and services, take care of the company, take care of the people, innovate with high quality products and deliver value to the customer.

Lutron representatives made those initiatives clear while meeting with guests at TecHomeX and detailing why Lutron products would make sense for each guest’s business.

Lutron representatives meet with TecHomeX guests during their scheduled one-on-one sessions.
Lutron representatives meet with TecHomeX guests during their scheduled one-on-one sessions.

“We want to educate builders about the differentiated value of our products and make them more comfortable with the ease of installation and setup and reliability of Lutron solutions. More importantly, we want to get builders comfortable with differentiating their value proposition by introducing home control, connected home, and automation solutions. With those differentiators, they can show their buyers that their homes are more relevant, more exciting,” says Weinstein.

Those looking for their first taste of home automation can start with the Caséta Wireless system, which can control up to 50 devices. For complete whole-home control, there is HomeWorks QS, which integrates up to 10,000 devices. As an in-between option, the semi-custom RadioRA 2 system can control up to 200 devices.

Lutron’s systems also integrate with other best-in-class smart home solutions, including Amazon Echo, Apple HomeKit, Nest, Honeywell thermostats and Sonos Home Sound Systems.

Recognizing Value

TecHomeX provided an opportunity for Lutron leaders to meet with guests in an intimate setting, including one-on-one meetings, boardroom sessions and a keynote luncheon presentation. These opportunities allowed company representatives to educate the VIPs about the options available to them and selling tools they can use with their clients, even for those who featured Lutron homes before.

Lutron's David Weinstein speaks to TecHomeX guests during one of the company's boardroom sessions.
Lutron’s David Weinstein speaks to TecHomeX guests during one of the company’s boardroom sessions.

“Lutron actually also invited me to come to their main showroom and bring some clients to really explain some of the things that before it was hard to show them just in the brochure or on the computer,” says interior designer and TecHomeX guest Tonie Pimienta.

“I’ve gone to a Lutron Experience Center many times and brought clients, so they can see how the system is working,” adds interior designer and TecHomeX guest Nadia Elgrably. “So, when it goes to putting it in their house, they have an expectation. They’ve already been to the Lutron Experience Center. They’ve seen it working.”

Builders, too, understand how Lutron can truly impress their clients, and that’s what keeps them coming back.

“They’re recognized as an industry leader, and many of our clients are aware of their products, so it’s a relatively easy one to get behind,” says TecHomeX guest Michael Johnson, the pre-con manager for Brink Custom Homes. “But, I think that’s also because their reputation is good and because their service and quality has been top-notch, and that’s what we’re after.”

It’s About Pleasance

Ultimately, Lutron’s goal is to provide products that are easy to install and make a home more comfortable for those who live in it.

“Our products are in a category, like many lifestyle-enhancing innovations, that no one ever knew they wanted or needed,” says Weinstein. “But once they experience them, they understand what we call ‘Pleasance,’ which is this great feeling, whether it’s asking Alexa to do something or pressing one button on your bedside and having all your lights go off. Certainly hard to describe, but something that we have learned that people desire to experience.”

That feeling is why Lutron’s products enhance the lifestyle of homeowners who use them. And, in turn, it’s why they add such great value for builders.

“I think that’s the most important part,” says Weinstein. “Our products help builders to more creatively sell more homes and differentiate their finished product.”