Oelo Uses TecHomeX to Expand Into California

The new, innovative lighting solutions company strategically used the event to meet builders and integrators in a new market company leaders are trying to reach.

For about one month of the year, homeowners throughout California and beyond decorate their homes with Christmas lights to get into the spirit of the season. But, for the other 11 months, most of those same homes are dormant and devoid of exterior illuminant expression.

Oelo is attempting to change that.

The company has developed a revolutionary new LED lighting concept for architecture that allows lighting to permanently be mounted on a home. That means no longer having to hang and tear down seasonal lighting every year, as well as the ability to create a residential ambiance throughout the year.

Oelo lighting can be customized to display any of more than 16 million colors.
Oelo lighting can be customized to display any of more than 16 million colors.

“Oelo differs significantly from other lighting solutions,” explains company COO Clay Horst. “It’s a relatively new product to the lighting industry, but it is actually adapted for architecture. It’s not something that’s hanging from another venue and added to architecture. It’s actually developed just for it.

The design of the channel allows the lights to blend into the façade of the home during the day so they are nearly invisible. At night, homeowners can customize the lights to any color combination they want. Oelo offers more than 16 million colors which users can choose through a color wheel accessible on their smart devices. They also can set each LED individually and create custom color patterns depending on the occasion or mood.

Horst and the Oelo team were able to demonstrate the capabilities of their product at TecHomeX California to the builders and integrators with whom they met in their 15-minute one-on-one meetings.

“In the time allotted with each guest, we were able to go over each of the features and functions, the application and how it’s added to the architecture,” says Horst. “This event is very beneficial, more than some other venues where you’re forced to go out and try to pull people in from the aisle. These structured meetings were very effective.”

As Oelo Clay Horst (left) explains, "It's like Christmas, but so much more."
As Oelo Clay Horst (left) explains, “It’s like Christmas, but so much more.”

Horst also hopes the experience will help accomplish his goal of getting Calfornia’s top builders and integrators to begin incorporating the Oelo lighting options into their products. It still is a young company and is in the growth stage.

It is headquartered in Colorado and does much of its business there, as well as Texas. But, Horst sees California as a market where his product would be interesting to homeowners and one that can offer great opportunities for his company.

“We’re looking for West Coast representation,” he says. “California is a place where we don’t have a lot of business. So, this experience was very effective for that. We were able to expose a lot of California builders to our product and the reception has been exceptionally good. We can take that back now and start developing a marketing strategy to focus more on the areas we don’t have representation in. Overall, we’re very pleased with the event.”