Production Builder Leans on TecHomeX California to Help Differentiate

Shea Homes’ Allison Warrell already is looking ahead to next year’s TecHomeX West and is planning on bringing more members of her team to take advantage of the tech education.

Many TecHomeX California guests, whether they are experienced in using tech in their homes or not, attend the event to be able to improve their companies’ tech strategy. They understand the growing influence tech is having in people’s home lives and they want to be prepared to capitalize on that opportunity in the best way.

“We find a lot of options are being selected,” says Shea Homes national purchasing specialist, and first-time TecHomeX California guest, Allison Warrell. “But, we’re now figuring out how to compete in today’s market with the technology, obviously with the big box stores that sell everything, but also deliver something that these homeowners, especially the Millennials, are expecting in these homes.”

“The very first presentation talking about the Z-Wave and the energy of that set off the whole event,” says Warrell.
“The very first presentation talking about the Z-Wave and the energy of that set off the whole event,” says Warrell.

Currently, Warrell says Shea is not putting any standard tech into its home, beyond the occasional thermostat. Any tech devices that are added to homes are done so as options through the integrators.

But, Warrell and the Shea team recognize the need to reach out to those certain demographics that make tech products an integral part of their lives. So, they are looking for ways they can separate themselves from other production homebuilders.

“This event definitely will help me and make me go back and look at some other ideas,” Warrell says. “Maybe even throwing in some outlets and a dimmer, and even some other little things, just to start out as a base. Then the excitement when we put in a USB outlet is, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re giving us a standard USB outlet.’ So, it’s just seeing what we can do to be a little bit different than everyone else.”

Warrell understands that homebuyers who want tech also can choose to purchase devices in-store and install them themselves. So, she attended TecHomeX California with other members of her team to further their tech education, which can help them understand how they can compete against those options and get their customers to realize the benefits of installing tech with them.

“I did bring two low voltage integrators with me and they took a lot out of this. They were very excited to be here,” Warrell says. “I wish I would have brought an electrician and a design studio manager or designer just so they could see and touch some of the products and get an understanding of how they’re evolving and changing so fast.”

The boardroom presentations and one-on-one meetings proved to be important educational opportunities for Warrell, who says she is looking to continue those conversation post-event. She also looks to have more of those experiences at next year’s expanded TecHomeX West and with more members of her team.