Rently Keyless Joins the Z-Wave Alliance

The agreement brings two TecHomeX sponsors together to make it easier to safely maintain properties.

Rently Keyless is joining the legion of companies adopting the Z-Wave protocol standard. The keyless entry brand has joined about 450 other companies in becoming a member of the Z-Wave Alliance.

The Rently Keyless system bundles state-of-the-art keyless entry hardware with cloud-based software to enhance property security, reduce utility costs and provide easy guest access. Its innovative platform is designed for use by home builders, property managers, homeowners and renters, and is used by millions around the nation.

Rently’s technology allows users to experience the smart home without the need for Wi-Fi. Company leaders say joining the global IoT organization will benefit anyone who uses their technology.

“As a company, we chose Z-Wave because it is very secure, uses very little battery and is trusted by a large number of companies,” says Andre Sanchez, division manager for Rently Keyless. “In fact, we recently partnered with (fellow TecHomeX sponsor) Yale locks, one of the most trusted and respected lock brands across the globe, which also uses Z-Wave protocol.”

That protocol allows the devices to seamlessly integrate with each other with no interference from Wi-Fi or other 2.4GHz wireless technologies.

The Z-Wave Alliance was founded in 2005 as an inter-operable, wireless, RF-based communications technology and is dedicated to the development and extension of Z-Wave as the key enabling technology for the smart home and business applications.

“We are pleased to welcome Rently and their keyless entry solution to our membership,” says Mitchell Klein, executive director of the Z-Wave Alliance. “Smart home technology is changing the way renters interact with their homes and property managers monitor and manage their portfolio, and with world class security, strong mesh network capabilities and a large ecosystem of available products, Z-Wave is a perfect solution for the rental market.”

Now, as part of the Z-Wave Alliance, the protocol is built into every Rently Keyless Hub. Those smart home systems now can incorporate with more than 1,700 devices.

“We look forward to being part of the Z-Wave Alliance and to help continue to promote the industry-wide adoption of this truly best-in-class protocol,” says Sanchez.