Shaq Joins Ring to Launch Year-Long Donation Effort to Prevent Burglaries Nationwide

The security device company is partnering with basketball star Shaquille O’Neal to give out $1 million worth of products to reduce neighborhood crime.

Five years ago, the first Ring Video Doorbell was created with a mission – to reduce crime in communities. Now, with an expanded product line and help from a basketball superstar, the company is continuing to prevent burglaries and package theft by giving away $1 million worth of Ring security devices over the next year to protect neighborhoods around the country.

Ring founder Jamie Siminoff and basketball great Shaquille O'Neal show a homeowner how to use Ring's security devices.
Ring founder Jamie Siminoff and basketball great Shaquille O’Neal show a homeowner how to use Ring’s security devices.

Ring and former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal kicked off the effort on May 5 in Jonesboro, Ga., installing Ring Doorbells and Floodlight Cams. They chose a neighborhood in Clayton County because that is where O’Neal is a sheriff’s deputy.

“We are excited to kick off our year-long donation campaign here in Georgia, and we look forward to working closely with him to spread awareness of neighborhood safety and educate homeowners on how to better secure their homes,” says Jamie Siminoff, the founder and chief inventor of Ring, of the partnership with O’Neal.

“I grew up in a tough neighborhood and saw my fair share of crime; our neighborhoods need to be safer,” O’Neal says. “As a deputy police officer and a Ring customer, I’m excited to partner with the Ring team to further their noble mission of reducing neighborhood crime.”

With its products, the company wants to empower consumers by creating a Ring of Security around homes and communities, calling it the “neighborhood watch for the digital age.”

“We are excited to welcome Shaq to the Ring team," says Siminoff. “As a member of the police force since 2005, Shaq truly embodies the Ring spirit."
“We are excited to welcome Shaq to the Ring team,” says Siminoff. “As a member of the police force since 2005, Shaq truly embodies the Ring spirit.”

The products, including the Video Doorbell, Floodlight Cam and Stick Up Cam, enable users to monitor and proactively protect their homes via their smartphone, tablet or computer. When a device’s motion sensor detects movement or someone presses the doorbell, it sends an alert to the homeowner and allows him or her to see who or what set it off and speak to them from anywhere.

Ring executives say their devices are already helping to achieve their company’s goal of reducing community crime, pointing to one Los Angeles neighborhood which has seen a 55 percent decrease in break-ins after its Video Doorbells were installed.

Using the $1 million nationwide donation effort and with help from O’Neal, the company hopes this success will spread around the country.

“Working with Ring, Shaquille can share his passion for protecting neighbors,”says Siminoff. “Furthermore, he is a Ring customer, which we call a ‘Ring Neighbor,’ so he understands the value of our proactive home security devices and believes in our mission.”