Starke Sound Ready to Tap Into the California Market

After experiencing the benefits of the hosted guest event format at the Total Tech Summit, the speaker manufacturer hopes to find more success at TecHomeX California.

As Starke Sound tries to break into the North American market, the company turned to the Total Tech Summit, another AE Ventures-produced event, as a way to directly connect with some of the country’s top integrators with whom the company would like to form business relationships. Representatives felt the opportunity to have guaranteed meetings with its top prospects was too good to pass up.

A Starke Sound speaker on display at the Total Tech Summit.
A Starke Sound speaker on display at the Total Tech Summit.

“For us to be able to choose those individuals that we want to meet with, I can’t ask for more,” says Starke Sound sales director Desmond Fretz. “And, to have 15-minute, face-to-face meetings with those individuals who are interested in seeing what we can offer and who we want to communicate our value proposition to is just ideal.”

Those meetings gave him the ability to communicate to them why Starke is a worthwhile company to partner with. He explained the versatility of its state-of-the-art speakers, which are able to excel for home theater use as well as music sound quality. That functionality provides the foundation of home entertainment.

Fretz believes his meetings allowed him to properly demonstrate that.

“It was just a fantastic experience,” says Fretz. “The walk-ins were quality prospects. And, for many of the 30 I met with, I sensed they were entrepreneurial. That they were there to capture good ideas and take them back to their business. And, that was exciting to me.”

Fretz says nearly every guest with whom he met expressed interest in his company and products. And, their interactions gave him a reason to be able to have more conversations with them. That’s something that had proved difficult for him when reaching out to them directly without this event forum, which has created many positive leads.

Starke Sound sales director Desmond Fretz

He sees the same potential in TecHomeX California.

The majority of Starke Sound’s business to this point has been in Europe and Asia. But, the company is looking to gain a foothold in the U.S., and California is a key market for them to be able to do that. Fretz and other Starke leaders see this event as a great way to break through to those in the homebuilding industry and establish themselves from among some of the more familiar names in home audio.

“It’s really a tough market to crack to separate ourselves,” explains Fretz. “We’ve got a lot of those differentiators, but we’ve got to become better at communicating that. And, these are great forums to do that. Scott DeLoache, one of our founders, is very keen on it. He said we have to figure out how to afford this. He’s pumped about it. He recognizes it’s another channel we certainly have to go to school on and be aware of.”

And, having now experienced the format of an AE Ventures hosted guest event in the Total Tech Summit, the Starke team feels it will be even more prepared to make an impact at TecHomeX California.