TecHomeX Allows Core Brands to Further Its Builder-Dealer Partnerships

The ELAN Home Systems parent company is focusing on collaboration to market and sell homes.

Part of the goal of TecHomeX California is to bring together the trades to increase collaboration within the industry. Core Brands, the parent company of ELAN Home Systems, takes the same approach within its own network, and the event in March helped the company expand its reach.

“Of the shows we have worked this year, TecHomeX was probably the most responsive group post-meeting,” says Core Brands director of builder sales Bret Jacob. “Everyone is great in their meetings when they meet you at your booth, but getting a follow-up is a real challenge sometimes.”

“We’ve gotten some activity out of other shows, but when they come to a TecHome event, they’re specifically looking for technology,” adds Core Brands VP of business development Joe Lautner. “They come prepared to hear what we have to say, evaluate us and ask questions. So, the meetings we have there are always qualified.”

In the weeks immediately following TecHomeX, Lautner and Jacob maintained ongoing conversations with numerous unique contacts made at the event. Eight of those led to deals or situations in which they have made ELAN a vital part of their business approach.

One of those new connections is Method Homes. The ELAN team was not familiar with the builder before the event, but after meeting there, they realized they had a unique opportunity to capitalize on the company’s nationwide network and, so far, Method Homes already has sold three ELAN systems.

Method Homes sales and architectural coordinator John Bacon connected with the Core Brands team at TecHomeX California.
Method Homes sales and architectural coordinator John Bacon connected with the Core Brands team at TecHomeX California.

“What’s interesting is they’re doing higher end pre-fab modular homes, and they wanted a connected story,” says Lautner. “So, we worked out a scenario where they’re going to do the selling and, wherever they deliver the home, we’re connecting them with a local integrator. Because it’s a production home that we’re shipping somewhere, we really have to have this close relationship, so we get the right integrator where they land the home to finish the project and support the homeowner.”

The relationship epitomizes the approach Core Brands likes to take with builders. Lautner and Jacob make new relationships at events like TecHomeX, then are able to hand them off to their network of certified and trained partners. After establishing that relationship, the integrator continues the quality service and becomes someone who is a real partner for the builder in helping them maximize the options available to the buyer.

That mindset is not exclusive just to Core Brand’s relationship with builders. It also holds true for other trades like architects and designers, some of whom Lautner and Jacob met at TecHomeX and who they expect to become long-term partners.

“Like, Kim Nadel Interiors, for example,” says Jacob. “She’s in San Diego, and she leans on me quite a bit for technology. She rolls that into her overall design, and we’ve connected her with an integrator in San Diego and he does the installs for her.”

“Thinking that an electrician is going to come in and put a couple light switches in and an HVAC guy is going to put in a thermostat and someone who delivers door hardware is going to put in a door lock and that the builder is going to give the homeowner an Alexa and that’s a connected home strategy, that’s leaving a lot to chance,” adds Lautner. “You need somebody who knows how to make this stuff work together and can match features with what the homeowner wants. That’s the message we’re trying to get across, and when we meet people at your events, they’re looking for that technology.”