TecHomeX California Keynote to Highlight Home Tech of the Future

Futurist and AV system designer Rich Green will take guests on a trip into the future of home technology, including AI, IoT and voice control.

At this year’s TecHomeX California, guests will get a detailed look at the future of home technology. The keynote address will provide an eye-opening journey through the tech that soon will be shaping the home and the owners’ experience in it.

Game-changing Home Tech on the Horizon

What are the jaw-dropping new home technologies you’ll be offering homebuyers and homeowners in the next few years? What are the stunning breakthroughs that will dramatically improve how they enjoy their homes and entertain, that make their homes more convenient, efficient and healthy, that change the way they live in homes? Our expert keynoter, a luxury integrator with extensive ties to Silicon Valley’s high tech industry leaders, takes the wrap off his crystal ball and shares insights galore in this fast-paced presentation that will inspire you to move faster and more aggressively with your tech play!

Delivering this presentation will be Rich Green, owner of system integration company Rich Green Design. Green is an AV industry veteran and is an accomplished keynoter, having given speeches at some of the largest trade events around the world.

TecHomeX California keynote speaker Rich Green
TecHomeX California keynote speaker Rich Green

“I have a narrative arc to my discussion,” explains Green. “It begins in a very pragmatic way. How are you going to survive in the onslaught of these accelerating technologies in today’s business climate? Then I dive in at a very granular level. This is the stuff that’s going on right now.

“I like to take people through a journey and leave them with an uplifting notion about how design and ethics can bring us forward into a humane kind of home that families can stay together in and not fall apart in.”

Green will cover a wide range of topics in his presentation. Among them will be artificial intelligence, AV advancements, machine learning, the Internet of Things and voice control. And, they all will relate back to the roles they will play in the home.

“There’s a lot more happening in these future technologies than we have given thought to,” Green says. “We need to protect the homeowners we’re serving. We need to do the right thing to build homes that can support these technologies moving forward.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of taking in Rich Green’s signature visionary presentations a number of times and I never cease to be amazed at his ability to stay in touch with the cutting edge of home technology and its application in the market,” adds AE Ventures president John Galante. “He’s able to convey huge volumes of information and insight in an easily digestible and concise way. I’m sure his TecHomeX California keynote will be a home run!”

The Game-changing Home Tech on the Horizon keynote will take place on Monday, March 19 at 5 p.m. Click here to apply to attend.