TecHomeX East General Sessions to Offer Variety of Tech Instruction

Industry experts will educate guests on topics including collaboration, customer experience and how tech giants like Amazon, Apple and Google are impacting TecHome building and integration.

When it comes to creating the TecHome, it is important for those who are a part of that process to have the necessary education to execute projects successfully. That goes beyond just knowledge of the latest tech products and offerings. The TecHomeX East content program is designed to provide guests with a wide range of education they need to create these tech wins.

These are the topics TecHomeX East guests will be taking in at this event:

Room-By-Room Tech Roundtable Challenge

Presenter: Mitchell Klein – Executive Director, Z-Wave Alliance

Whole-home tech is great, but homebuyers and homeowners often think of their home as a collection of purposeful rooms. In this session, we challenge guests to brainstorm tech -features for a wide variety of rooms in both move-up and luxury homes. The result for you: cool new room-by-room tech concepts you can bring to your clients and customers to deliver tech-forward wows.

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Keynote: The Three C’s of TecHome Industry Success

Presenter: Joy Baldridge – President, Baldridge Seminars International

Joy Baldridge, TEDx and keynote speaker, is a world-renowned management leadership expert who helps the best companies in the world become even better at increasing revenue and productivity while decreasing stress and frustration.  Her first official speaking engagement was at the White House, at the age of 19, she got there by cold calling the President. In this presentation, Joy will tackle the three C’s of TecHome industry success—Communication, Collaboration and Change Leadership.

Visioning the TecHome Customer Experience

Presenter: Brandon Savage – Principal, The CX Pro

Panelists: Eyal Akler – CEO, ATTYWON; Mark Archambault – President, Archambault Construction; Julian Mesa – Chief of Marketing, Dawkins Development Group

How to establish and maintain an excellent customer experience for home tech. It’s not just about products and systems that deliver as promised or evoke event delight. It’s about sustaining that functionality for the long term and it’s about making the discovery, design and selling process pleasant, efficient and event delightful as well. That’s what will create raving home tech fans and multiply leads and sales for every player in the TecHome ecosystem. This session taps a true expert in tech customer experience excellence to share the vision for how the residential design/build and tech integration/contracting communities can collaborate to make it happen.

TecHome Reports From the Field

Moderator: Tony Consiglio – Event Content Specialist, AE Ventures

Panelists: Bob Dykens – Owner, Glastonbury Housesmith; Daniel Solly – Owner, Digital Logic Systems

This session will take you on a tour of some of the most successful home tech projects in the East over the last year. We’ll look at communities, single family homes, multifamily buildings and both cookie-cutter move-up and luxury home remodeling jobs and explain both tech features and benefits and the business processes utilized to get to these tech wins.

Amazon, Apple and Google: Friends or Foes to TecHome Building and Integration

Presenter: Jim Carroll – CEO, Connected Home Advisory

Moderator: John Galante – President, AE Ventures

Panelists: Tom Callahan – Owner, Sawyers Control Systems; Felicia Ratka – President, TBI Smart Home Solutions; Brad Smith – President, AV Design

Riding on the wave of strong consumer interest in voice control and leveraging their ubiquitous consumer brands, Amazon, Apple and Google are becoming major players in the home technology space. The question for builders, integration companies and hundreds of manufacturers who’ve been slogging it out on the frontlines of home tech for more than three decades is: Are they friends or foes? On the one hand their sexy user interfaces and marketing muscle are driving consumer awareness and adoption. On the other hand, their tendencies toward market disruption and industry sector destruction are scary as heck. We’ll debate the pros and cons with industry experts in this very timely and nearly essential keynote panel.

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