TecHomeX East Guest Expects to Find Valuable Networking Opportunities

Maximum Sound and Security owner Ralph Campochiaro looks forward to meeting with architects and builders for knowledge and potential business opportunities.

Ralph Campochiaro is no stranger to AE Ventures events. So far, he has attended each of the first two Security Sales & Integration Summits. Prior to that, he was a guest at numerous CE Pro Summits.

He keeps coming back every year because there is always something he can take back to his business. For instance, after learning much more about the importance of cybersecurity at the SSI Summit in November, he has beefed up network security and increased insurance in cybersecurity. While not necessarily a revenue-producer, he learned at the Summit just how important it is to take those steps.

The benefits of those Summits for Campochiaro are clear, though also a bit limiting. He is able to learn from integrators from across the country. The one aspect that’s missing is connecting with those with whom he works in other trades. That’s why he was among the first to register to attend TecHomeX East.

Ralph Campochiaro (third from left) participates in the Roundtable session at the 2017 SSI Summit.
Ralph Campochiaro (third from left) participates in the Roundtable session at the 2017 SSI Summit.

“This event will allow me to meet people that I probably know, but haven’t really approached yet,” says Campochiaro. “Hopefully that will mean we have to expand or we at least make a friend and we go from there.”

Specifically, Campochiaro is looking forward to connecting with builders and architects with whom he has had a tough time reaching. That wasn’t possible at the SSI and CE Pro Summits because those events are geared specifically toward integrators.

At TecHomeX East, the attendee base is broadened and regionalized. Maximum Sound and Security services the entire state of Connecticut and also dips into a portion of New York. Builders and architects from his market will be there, setting the stage for him to build those meaningful relationships.

“It all starts with architects,” Campochiaro explains. “When they’re building projects, commercially or residentially, if they’re going to spec stuff that you do, you’re going to at least be able to get in the bid process and make money. You won’t have to do it for free.

“And, I need to find a way to get these builders to want to have people like me, or integrators, come in and fit their houses and feel comfortable that they don’t need to worry something is going to be wrong. That’s what I’m hoping to accomplish from this conference.”

Campochiaro believes he can do that. He wants to speak with those builders and architects to find out what they are looking for from him and his industry. He thinks he then can use that knowledge to pique their interest in security and help them understand why working with him would be in their best interest.

“I want them to see the reason and the need why they need to bring their houses into the 21st century with technology,” he says. “They need to see how easy it is. I sometimes think these builders don’t think it’s that easy, that it’s more complicated and more stuff they have to deal with. But, we’ll handle everything. They don’t have to do anything. Those are the kind of things I’m hoping to get through to these guys, and maybe one or two builders will listen.”