TecHomeX East Keynote to Set Up Guests for Tech Success

Management leadership expert Joy Baldridge will inspire the hosted business leaders with the keys to communication, collaboration and change leadership.

The opening day of the inaugural TecHomeX East will have a major focus on energizing and collaboration. It will serve as a great introduction to the TecHome for the guests who are new or in the early stages of working with tech. Even for those who are tech veterans, the kickoff of the event will help them take their next step forward with their tech strategy.

The Room-By-Room Tech Roundtable Challenge, which will serve as the first educational portion of the event, will encourage creative thinking and teamwork around tech. That will help set the stage for that afternoon’s keynote, which will deliver a message that will motivate guests into embracing the TecHome.

Keynote: The Three C’s of TecHome Industry Success

Joy Baldridge, TEDx and keynote speaker, is a world-renowned management leadership expert who helps the best companies in the world become even better at increasing revenue and productivity while decreasing stress and frustration.  Her first official speaking engagement was at the White House, at the age of 19, she got there by cold calling the President. In this presentation, Joy will tackle the three C’s of TecHome industry success—Communication, Collaboration and Change Leadership.

In 1992, Joy Baldridge founded Baldridge Seminars International, a professional development organization that focuses on management, leadership, sales, communication and priority management skill development. Since then, she has delivered thousands of keynote presentations, seminars and breakouts, which leave lasting impacts with her audience.

“At every turn Joy Baldridge is an outstanding presenter who is engaging, intelligent and witty. She dazzles crowds as she educates about strategies to success, positive change, increased productivity, stress reduction and other hot topics to kick-start your professional and personal lives.” – Sharon Pierce – Exhibition Management Director 

“Joy has a wonderful, colorful and lively personality. You just can’t help but listen and participate. Her concepts have an immediate real-world application. They are doable and memorable. She made our meeting great! She inspired us to put thought into action and gave us the tools to build and maintain positive momentum.”– NBC Universal

“Joy is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. Her presentation is a “WOW” from start to finish. She gives a 5-star performance and sets a positive tone with the distinct entertainment, insights and excitement that only she can bring to an event. Joy is fabulous fun and delightful to work with.” – Coldwell Banker

At TecHomeX East, Joy will blend her expertise with the needs and goals of the TecHome industry to deliver a valuable and engaging presentation that will resonate with guests and set the stage for an exciting and beneficial event for all.

The Three C’s of TecHome Industry Success Keynote will be on Tuesday, May 8 at 5:00 p.m. For a complete event schedule, click here.