TecHomeX Guest’s Experience Reveals Value of Quality Integration

Two Bay Area homeowners were dealing with major difficulties due to an incomplete integration of a whole-house automation system, and one integrator entered the picture to not only complete the project, but to enhance the homeowners’ user experience exponentially. 

Gordon Weller of Kazar Audio Video was called to the rescue after an integrator installed the home’s infrastructure and devices, yet left before the project was finished. Left with a Control4 system and no idea how to utilize it, the homeowners called Kazar looking for assistance in how to make it all work.

“The lighting wasn’t done. They didn’t have a video matrix. We still needed to future proof everything,” says Weller.

Taking it One Step Further

A Control4 system to tie everything together.
A Control4 system to tie everything together.

Weller ensured that by the end of his involvement with the project, the homeowners wouldn’t have any problems with the technology. He achieved this by going one step beyond what was originally expected of him.

“We took over and not only completed the project but enhanced the user experience by adding custom programming, lighting, video distribution, alarm integration and voice control,” he says. 

The home, a beautiful 6,500 square-foot custom project, is now fully automated with the latest technologies, all tied together with a Control4 bow.

Appealing to the Whole Family

Both homeowners, a husband and wife, were immensely pleased with the final product. Weller notes this was a particularly satisfying achievement, since the wife originally hated the Control4 system before the Kazar team came on board.

“She really didn’t like it and thought that it was too much money,” says Weller. “But the core issue was that it wasn’t working. There were still four to five remotes lying out. The cable box wasn’t integrated. Once it started working, she saw that it was actually cool and she loved it.”

The Power of Quality Integration

This anecdote reveals the power of quality integration in an industry in which botched or incomplete jobs could leave clients aggravated, annoyed and apprehensive towards implementing tech in the future.

“It’s mandatory,” says Weller regarding quality integration. 

And he’s correct. Without quality integration, homeowners will lose faith in the integration industry and flock to easier (albeit lesser) DIY products.

So, if you’ve ever left a job incomplete or a client unsatisfied, you may want to rethink your game plan. It could impact your entire business.