TecHomeX Guests Find Collaboration and Community in Long Beach


The month of March came in like a lion for the California TecHome ecosystem, as builders, architects, designers and integrators joined forces in Long Beach for three days of connection, education and energy.

“For me, it’s like a community,” says hosted guest and interior designer Carly Blalock. “So, I really enjoy getting to know people within my industry because there is always something to learn within your community.”

From March 8 through 10, an industry of peers from assorted TecHome trades filled the Long Beach Convention Center. For the attendees, the collaborative nature of the event brought about business opportunities that would have been far more difficult in a different setting.

Integrator Jon Edwards (second from left) speaks in the “TecHome Market Pulse” panel presentation.

“It’s not the same when you’re just with your own kind,” says hosted guest and integrator Yves Richarz. “The thing that was really interesting here is to find out what the major pain points are for a designer, or for a builder, or for an architect. What is of value to them? In our daily discussions, it is maybe never explored or brought up in the ways that it is at this conference. So, that was really valuable.”

Jon Edwards, another California integrator and hosted guest, also found value in connecting with the various trades at the event.

“It’s been a very interesting show for the purpose of actually seeing the common grounds that we have with a lot of people on the different elements we contend with all the time,” says Edwards.

For Tonie Pimienta, TecHomeX gave her the opportunity to prove to builders, architects and integrators that interior designers are an equally important part of the process of developing the TecHome.

Interior designer Tonie Pimienta during a roundtable session.

“I feel like people see the designer coming and they go, ‘Oh, my God. Here she comes. She’s going to give us a hard time,’” says Pimienta, a hosted guest. “What I was talking to a lot of people in the roundtables about is that it would be nice if we started working more together.”

Chris Tennant, a builder and general contractor based out of Truckee, California, has previously found benefits in other TecHome events, such as TecHome Builder LUX. However, he longed for connections with architects and designers at this event, and TecHomeX provided him with this opportunity.

“So much of our work is collaborating with designers and architects,” says Tennant, a hosted guest. “They need to be educated as well, so I think that it is such an awesome thing that they are here at this event. We get to collaborate with them. They get to see the same type of information that we are in terms of the front and pushing edge of what is out there and what may be coming down the line. So, that’s been really neat.”

The next TecHomeX in California will take place March 19-21 at the Pasadena Convention Center. May 2018 will bring the launch of TecHomeX East, taking place at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, CT.