TecHomeX Speaker on Women in the Industry

The construction industry has historically been male-dominated, but professional women in various building markets are seeing a major shift in the status quo.

joansidebsrrrrrrrJoan Marcus-Colvin, chief marketing officer for The New Home Company, is one of these trailblazers. You can see her speak at TecHomeX in the Executive Program session “TecHome Market Pulse: What Consumers Want.”

“I do believe we have moved the needle in seeing more women in leadership roles all over our industry,” says Marcus-Colvin. “From CFOs to CMOs, we have seen a significant uptick.”

Marcus-Colvin’s resume is pretty impressive. In addition to her work with The New Home Company, she has also been instrumental in getting other women involved in the industry.

Last year, she served as president of the Orange County Building Industry Association, where initiatives focused on raising the profile and awareness of women in homebuilding.

One of these key initiatives was holding a first-of-its-kind conference on the challenges and opportunities facing women in construction. According to Marcus-Colvin, more than 500 attendees joined the conference, indicating this topic is resonating among women.

“This is an issue near and dear to my heart. I love this business and I want more women, especially young women, to find their passion amongst the myriad of career paths we offer,” says Colvin.