TecHomeX Sponsors Find Value and ROI in Hosted-Style Format

Tanner Wilson, an account executive for SnapPower, goes to about one tradeshow per month. What he has found at those events is that while there is plenty of quantity, the quality of business interactions leaves a lot to be desired.

Tanner Wilson at the SnapPower booth.

“You talk to a lot of people who come up and say, ‘Hey, my name’s John,’ and then they shake your hand, give you their card and they’re gone because there’s not a lot of time and they need to get going,” says Wilson.

However, at TecHomeX, Wilson found great benefit in the hosted-style format, where valued guests are hosted and meet with manufacturers through intimate, one-on-one meetings.

“A lot of the other trade shows we’ve gone to, like IBS or PCBC, the downside to those is that you’re talking to a lot of executives, but you don’t have the time necessary to really get their information,” says Wilson.

SnapPower previously sponsored the TecHome Builder Summits in Fort Worth, Texas, which led to a large contract with national high-volume homebuilder DR Horton.

“The hosted-style format for a tradeshow is just the way to go these days,” says Dick Foster, president of Zonefirst, and he praises AE Ventures for its ability to create meaningful interactions between manufacturers and valued TecHome professionals.

“AE Ventures does a great job in working with you to select the people you want to see. Whether it be a high-volume builder, multifamily or custom builder, and really targets in on who you want to see,” says Foster.

InMotion’s John Kessler in a boardroom presentation.

Foster also compliments the boardroom meetings, where groups of 15-20 guests engage in presentations that precede the show floor hours and one-on-one meetings. InMotion’s VP of sales and development, John Kessler, feels the same way.

“We’re really interested in this platform because it creates a captured audience,” says Kessler.

“What we find particularly interesting is that in the group meetings we can generate enough interest so that people come and see the booth and see what we’ve got to offer, in addition to pre-set appointments. Rather than having to be out in the aisles and drag people in, we definitely have interesting people coming in. And that creates a great value for us.”

Boyd Sheets, western US sales manager for Delta Products, has already signed up for next year’s TecHomeX in California, calling the format “innovative, wonderful and new.”

“The money that I spend to come here, I see the return on the investment,” says Sheets. “I get immediate leads and have good one-on-one conversations with these folks. I just see so much value in this.”

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, contact Nancy Franco, or 508-618-4225.