TecHomeX Supporter, Lutron, Emphasizes Outdoor Lighting Control

Smart, efficient lighting stands out in the connected home market for its ease-of-use, ease-of-integration and strong appeal among homebuyers.

A market leader in this space will present new lighting technologies at this year’s TecHomeX.

TecHomeX, a first-of-its-kind hybrid-hosted event, will bring together a broad assortment of innovative home technology vendors, great education and offers ways to network effectively with trade allies and peers.

This March, hosted guests and general admission attendees will have the chance to see the latest Lutron technologies—including some born out of a recent partnership with Insolroll—and meet with representatives during private meetings and on the show floor.

Lutron Partners for Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Control
Lutron recently announced a partnership with Insolroll, a manufacturer of connected shading systems.

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The goal is offering seamless indoor/outdoor control. “As outdoor patios/living spaces increase, more and more consumers are looking for ways to bring the indoors, outdoors,” says Staci Quirk, product manager at Lutron.

Homebuyers Demand Outdoor Tech with Ease-of-Use

Lutron’s recent partnership focuses on outdoor lighting.

Research shows homebuyers also seek smart lighting tech that helps them socialize outside, especially Millennials. According to the 2015 Garden Trends Report, 85 percent of Millennials rate outdoor spaces, such as kitchens, as being “very important” during the home buying process.

“Now, homeowners can enjoy their outdoor living spaces to the fullest, with all of the comfort, convenience and personalized control that Lutron offers,” adds Quirk.

That’s because the integration between Lutron and Insolroll enables builders to offer a new marketing approach—a complete smart home and yard with convenient lighting that works with little-to-no user interference.

Builders can offer a streamlined outdoor solution by integrating outdoor shades from Insolroll with the home’s outdoor lighting package. This integration can be used to automate patio shade control when the outdoor lighting kicks on in order to streamline the process and make outdoor entertaining easier for your clients.

“Luxury homebuyers are looking for convenience and comfort, but more importantly they desire aesthetically pleasing solutions,” says Staci Quirk, product manager at Lutron. “Products that work seamlessly with their smart homes, but ultimately ‘disappear’ when installed.”
Quirk adds that’s what Lutron’s idea of pleasance is all about. “Our advice to builders and integrators looking to gain appeal in the outdoor segment incorporating technology would be to offer outdoor upgrade packages to their consumers,” says Quirk.

TecHomeX will be held March 8 to 10 in Long Beach California. Click here for more information on this one-of-a-kind event, check out the event website.