The Right Scale Allows for Plenty of Opportunity

Tech Superpowers CEO Bacem Moussa used the more intimate size of TecHomeX East to deeply connect with both vendors and other guests.

Boston-based Tech Superpowers is a small company of about 15 people serving clients with forward-thinking IT solutions. Because his company doesn’t have the budget of larger firms, he must be more selective about the events he does attend. Not only is there the financial cost, but to take valuable time away from his business, he needs to know they will be worth his time.

Tech Superpowers

The hosted aspect of TecHomeX East took the financial burden out of his hands. And, the smaller format with guaranteed meetings allowed him to make sure he would find value in connecting with sponsors.

Moussa says he had pleasant surprises with vendors with whom he met and that he wouldn’t have known about them had they not been prescheduled. He says he also reconnected with some vendors he had seen at other events but wasn’t able to communicate with them the same way he did at TecHomeX East. There also was the ability to find new potential partners.

“I met with Art Powers of Planter Speakers, and it’s a product that I’ve seen before in pictures,” explains Moussa. “But talking to him directly, seeing the products there and listening to them, it was a very good experience. We had lunch together, we talked about it, and definitely there’s a need that we have for some of our projects, but I wouldn’t have thought of calling him before. So, now we’ve established enough of a connection that I think we will talk and work together in the future.”

Bacem Moussa, second from right, listens during a boardroom presentation.

He also plans on keeping in touch with fellow guests from whom he was able to pick up some knowledge. In talking with one managed services provider in attendance, he was able to learn some business practices that can help him add to his bottom line.

“I learned from one particular MSP who has three times as much recurring revenue as we do,” Moussa says. “That was very good to talk about and learn why he does certain things, why he doesn’t do certain things. By talking, hopefully both of us can get ahead.”

The next step for Moussa is to take all the new knowledge he received back to Boston with him and digest it to develop a plan moving forward. And, with as much as he was able to take away from the event, there will be plenty for him to work through. He says that was made possible because of the format.

“All I can say is I love the scale,” he says. “I think it is comfortable and small enough to allow me to have enough connections. It felt pleasant. I enjoyed my time here.”