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Builders are usually in the driver’s seat when it comes to deciding which home technologies to offer, but they aren’t alone in the vehicle. Integrators, other tech-related subcontractors, architects, and designers all have meaningful input to contribute to the builder’s home technology strategy. Need a little help scoping what the strategy should encompass? Then download our Guide to Home Technology. You’ll discover a checklist of questions you need to work through, including:

  • The full TecHome Product Taxonomy
  • Room-by-room
  • Lifestyle cohorts
  • Tech sales and implementation process improvement areas


Leverage the Complete Spectrum of Today’s Home Tech

As home technology constantly evolves, it can be difficult to stay on top of current tech trends - let alone future ones. That’s why we created TecHomeX East: the only event on the East Coast where leaders from all aspects of home technology unite to discuss the market and collaborate with one another. Watch our video to get a sneak peek at what the premiere hosted-event on the East Coast has to offer you.

Tech From Basement to Attic, and Everything in Between

Only TecHomeX covers the full scope of today’s home technologies and connects you with both the vendors and trade allies you need to succeed across the board. You can make substantial progress on home technology strategies and get insights on how to improve collaboration with your trade allies. Sponsor product categories include:

Electronics/AV/Home Automation/Security

Lighting and Electrical

Kitchen, Bath, and Laundry Tech

Smart HVAC and IAQ

Business Solutions

Smart Building

Smart Water

And More

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