In Florida, May 14–16, the leaders in residential design/build and tech integration/contracting (builders, tech integrators, contractors, designers and architects) of the Eastern US will come together for 2.5 days to learn how they can improve their collaboration to maximize success and customer satisfaction.

150 qualified executives will be fully hosted—including airfare (if necessary), hotel accommodations, complete event access and food and drink throughout TecHomeX.  (Over a $1,000 value.)

In turn, all hosted guests agree to attend scheduled meetings with top tech manufacturers and service providers. It’s not just about home automation, AV and security, but also smart lighting and electrical systems; smart HVAC and IAQ; kitchen, bath and laundry tech; and smart water.


TecHomeX is hosting 150+ home tech industry leaders, including:

Why Should I Attend TecHomeX

TecHomeX’s all-expenses-paid, executive event experience helps top residential design/build and tech integration/contracting leaders capitalize on the surging home technology market. Guests learn about home tech sales opportunities in a broad spectrum of product categories, learn how to collaborate more effectively with trade partners and identify opportunities for new or enhanced partnerships with both vendors and trade allies.

Establish High-Caliber Alliances & Advisor Networks

Connect with dozens of other top industry leaders across the trade spectrum to find new trade allies or enhance existing alliances and build a network you can tap year round for ideas and advice. The 150 guests hosted to the event will generate a projected $25 billion in annual revenue and building, design and work on more than 75,000 homes. TecHomeX is designed to connect you with peers, trade allies and vendors that can help you expand and improve your home tech business.

Learn How to Improve Trade Collaboration

To succeed in selling and delivering home technologies to homebuyers and homeowners, design/build and tech integration/contracting companies need to collaborate with precision. TecHomeX session content and connections enable the trades to learn together and learn from each other, defining roles, responsibilities, hand-offs and communication methods in key process areas like sales, marketing, design, production and customer care.

VIP Perks for Industry Leaders

As the business leader of a top integrator, you deserve to be hosted for a VIP event experience. We arrange and pay for your airfare and hotel accommodation, grant you complimentary registration and provide food and drink throughout the summit. We build a custom itinerary for you to make your engagements with vendor sponsors efficient and effective and provide you with free time to explore and connect with sponsors and guests, not on your itinerary. Your participation is virtually cost-free and structured in the executive manner that fits your position.

Leverage the Complete Spectrum of Today’s Home Tech

Technology is permeating homes like never before, and TecHomeX reflects the changes and expansion, covering dozens of home technology product categories to help guests seize opportunities across the full scope of products and systems. Categories include:

Electronics/AV/Home Automation/Security; Lighting & Electrical; Smart HVAC & IAQ; Kitchen, Bath and Laundry Tech; Smart Water; Smart Building; and Business Solutions.

Seize Home Tech Sales Opportunities

There’s never been more demand for home technology, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to spot the most lucrative opportunities and understand what it takes to win that business. TecHomeX offers insights into market hot spots and how great design/build and tech integration/contracting companies are collaborating to target them and deliver exemplary customer experiences.