Top Guest Benefits

  1. Complimentary flight (if necessary), hotel accommodations and event access, including food and beverage provided throughout the event. Your out of pocket expenses are next to nothing. 
  2.  Connect in a structured, networking program with industry leader peers you can learn from and trade partners who can help your company deliver on the promise of the TecHome to your customers and clients. 
  3. Get on top of the TecHome opportunity in a broad cross-section of products and for a broad horizon of homebuyers and homeowners. It’s not just about home automation, AV and security, but also smart lighting and electrical systems; smart HVAC and IAQ; kitchen, bath and laundry tech; and smart water. 
  4. Increase your understanding of how to market, sell and implement home tech.
  5. Gain insights into the key enabling technologies and products of the near future. 


Leigh Fishback
Guest Recruitment Manager