Be a Step Ahead of the Competition

Every year TecHomeX unites residential tech-leading builders, integrators, designers and contractors in America’s most lucrative regional markets! Join us and 150+ VIPs from the nation’s top cutting-edge tech companies at this year's events.  TecHomeX cares about delivering fully formed opportunities to develop long-lasting sales relationships. As a sponsor, you will have the opportunity to connect with various market sectors and engage in pre-arranged, guaranteed meetings with high-value prospects.


Download The Free 2018 Guest List Today!

The 2018 Guest List includes valuable information regarding preliminary guests who are attending this year.

Get a sneak peek and find out exactly, who’s attending and what companies are participating in this year’s TecHomeX events. Every year we bring in the most tech-forward VIP-leaders in the industry to engage with innovative sponsors like you who are looking to forge invaluable and lasting relationships in a near perfect selling context. Take a look at who will be attending this year!

Engage with the People Who Matter Most

With the freedom to pick-and-choose the number and type of engagements you want among VIP-level decision makers, you can address as many sectors as you'd like!  Take this opportunity to engage with the people that matter most and receive the upper hand to better your competitor’s play.

Choose from scheduled 15-minute one-on-one meetings at your exhibit, 35-minute boardroom engagements to a group of 10 guests, or general session sponsorships that enable you to message all guests. Additionally, your sales team will receive detailed profiles in advance including firmographics, product line-up, and personal details for each individual they are scheduled to meet with.

March 19-21, 2018
Pasadena Convention Center

May 8-10, 2018
Foxwoods Resort Casino

Guest Demographics:

Who Can You Expect To Attend TecHomeX?

  • Architects
  • Electrical & HVAC Contractors
  • Home Tech Integrators
  • High-Volume Homebuilders
  • Independent Design Centers
  • Interior Designers
  • Luxury Homebuilders
  • Multifamily Builders, Developers, Managers
  • Remodelers

What Can Sponsors Benefit From TecHomeX?

Customize Your Audience

Our staff carefully chooses VIP-level guests from industry leading companies to attend AEV Hosted Events. This allows sponsors like you to customize and build your preferred sales demographics, addressing multiple channel sectors or just one.

Guaranteed Meetings

Pick and choose the number and type of engagements your sales team wants among 150+ VIP-level decision-makers hosted at our events. You are guaranteed your selection of 1-on-1, boardroom, or stage presentations with your selected guests.

Detailed Brand Analysis

Guests are asked to provide their top 3 brands in a host of product and service categories on the application. Sponsors can use this information to determine their market penetration and relative position in the guest universe, as well as the position of their competitors.

Engagement Planning

Your sales team receives detailed profiles for VIP guests they are scheduled to meet with, including firmographics, product line-up preferences, and personal details.