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Connect, Learn, and Grow

At TecHomeX East, all the major players in Northeast home technology come together for 2.5 days of learning, vendor connections, strategic alliances, and strategic transformation.100 builders, remodelers, tech integrators, designers and architects from top companies in the region will be hosted.

The experience TecHomeX provides will allow you to outplay your competition by giving you the tools to succeed in an ever-changing industry.  Now is the time to connect with industry VIPs and build relationships with the most influential players in the game.

What Kind of  Engagements Can Sponsors Expect with Guests at TecHomeX?

Having the flexibility to plan your engagements has never been easier. AE Ventures allows you to decide the number and types of appointments you would like to make. You will receive extensive profiles with useful information regarding the individual you are scheduled to meet with, allowing you to plan successful engagements.

Meet, Engage, and Build Relationships With The Biggest and Best At TecHomeX

Scheduled 15-minute 1-on-1 Meetings

10-minute Presentations to the Entire Audience

Pre-arranged 35-minute Small Group (Boardroom) Presentations

May 8-10, 2018
Foxwoods Resort Casino

Download Our Free 2018 Sponsor and Guest List Now!