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Introducing your monthly Sponsor Participation Summary; a detailed document showcasing what leading manufacturers and service providers value at our events by their number of boardroom presentations, one-on-one meetings and general session sponsorships.

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Guest Highlight(s) of the Month

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David Weekly Homes

Kurtz Homes

Columbia Homes



"We did the boardroom presentation. Everyone was very attentive and interested. We got a lot of feedback from it, and everybody that came to the booth seemed genuinely interested in what we were offering. I think we’ve got a lot of good leads. We’ve already got one order coming for one of our distributors. So, it actually worked out to be one of the best shows I’ve ever been to.”

— Joe Moore, Director of National Sales, Vertical Cable


“As a builder just entering into the echelon of projects where my buyers are looking for smart home, high tech solutions, I needed to familiarize myself with a wide range of products. So, being in a space with a lot of different vendors and manufacturers, I was able to touch on a lot of different points and raise my familiarity and competency in a lot of different areas, so I can be a useful advisor and collaborator with my clients and my architects that I’m working with to determine what the best solutions are for an individual project. So, in that sense, it’s been very fruitful, just understanding what’s available, what’s possible and how to present it to the homeowners and how to develop those projects.”

— Ian Harper, Owner, HarperELM


Jessica Salisbury

Sponsorship Activation Specialist