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Ready to dive into the vast landscape of home tech, but not sure where to start? Get a taste of TecHomeX West by downloading our Guide to Home Technology. You’ll discover the kinds of actionable insights TecHomeX has to offer, including:

  • Up-to-date market research
  • Breakdowns of key market segments
  • Insights on home tech product categories
  • Tips for successful home tech sales and integration



Leverage the Complete Spectrum of Today’s Home Tech

As home technology constantly evolves, it can be difficult to stay on top of on current tech trends - let alone future ones. That’s why we created TecHomeX West: the only place on the West Coast where leaders from all aspects of home technology unite to discuss the market and collaborate with one another. Watch our video to get a sneak peek at what the premiere hosted-event on the West Coast has to offer you.

From Basement to Attic, and Everything in Between

A home is more than just a collection of rooms. That’s why at TecHomeX West, we’ve continued to expand our scope by highlighting cutting-edge products from tech-forward companies at our event. At TecHomeX West, you’ll meet with leaders from the most up-to-date home technology businesses in the market, including companies involved in:

Business Solutions

Smart Building

Kitchen, Bath, and Laundry Tech

Smart Water

Electronics/AV/Home Automation/Security

Lighting and Electrical

Smart HVAC and IAQ

And More

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